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NJMCDirect: Are you stuck with a parking or speeding ticket in your hand? Do you worry about losing an entire working day? Maybe you are reaching for the due date of the fine and ultimately miss it due to lack of time, leading you to pay extra additional charges. Getting a ticket can lead to annoying side effects whatsoever and that is why the online ticket was introduced. It is quick and easy and can be paid anytime and from anywhere. The best part is the online ticket paying websites saves you from the taxation of one whole day and because it is a government website it is safe for payment. Let us understand and know more about how to pay a traffic violation ticket online.

NJMCDirect – Pay Ticket Online:

How to Pay Ticket Online at Njmcdirect Official Website:

  • Login 

The foremost important element here is to log-in to the NJMCDirect website after registration. It will require a basic few things to firstly get yourself registered and later logging in whenever required. The website will need soft copies of the following document

  1. Your driving license
  2. The copy of your traffic violation ticket
  3. The number plate of your vehicle (photograph)
  4. The papers of your vehicle
  5. All the soft copy documents in either PDF or universal dox format
  6. An internationally acclaimed debit or credit card for payment

Once you successfully register yourself through this, you can log into the website and pay anytime,

  • Post-registration steps

Since we originally land here to tell you about the process of online payment, the next step after registration is to mention the ticket number in the search engine of the ticket/fine section. The updated data will appear with your details and amount to be paid, including the last day of payment. You could either pay for the ticket on the last day itself, or the website will inform you accordingly on the coming final day. This other feature of the website saves you from a lot of additional charges otherwise by giving you constant reminders about the payments.

  • The process of charging

Many question the process of charging the individual and how and why they are being charged with such a hefty amount. With the help of modern-day gadgets like speeding cameras and CCTV cameras around the traffic signals and roads, it becomes easier to make-out the intensity of your crime or violation of the regulation. However, despite everything, as per the regulation, the fine is fixed, the use of gadgets is just for the additional proof.

  • Why is it necessary?

Why is it necessary to move to online payment methods? It makes your life easier by making payment options reachable at the click of a button. It also tends to remind you about your fine violation deadline, as mentioned earlier. It also keeps all the soft copies of documents and identification safe within it and registers you. You can get access to your vehicle papers and driver’s license anytime. Being a government website, it is a comparatively safer option to save your documents into. It also leads to faster payment, and you do not have to stand in the queues for long durations to get the ticket a whole lot of additional charges of late fees.

  • In the case of misplacement of ticket 

It is often a problem faced by many. What to do in case you lose the ticket before you have entered the details on the NJMCDirect website. Firstly, try not to be ignorant enough to even lose your ticket after you violate a traffic rule as you are already guilty in the eyes of the law. However, if you lose it anyway, do remember your court date. If you miss your court date you are to be heavily penalized either with a set of additional charges which might be a huge amount or your license might get suspended due to your action. The worst come worst on recurring events you might be arrested as well. Henceforth, it is necessary to not lose your parking or speeding ticket, in any case, look at the details of your ticket properly upon getting it on hand.

  • When to pay the fine 

It is necessary to know the timings of when you are allowed to pay for the fine. There are specific time slots for the entire week in varied states and hence you need to search for your slot beforehand and pay during those times. The payment portal is functioning all seven days a week but generally, it might be working fewer hours during the weekends. Try to pay during the weekdays when the payment time is mostly starting from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

In the final words, you are genuinely asked again and again to drive responsibly. Getting recurring parking tickets or violating rules regularly may lead to a warning and later cancellation of license.